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Information of English ver

Translated by M-256(Creator of Me and Somnium) in 2013/8/1.
It can download from here.

Bug in Ver.0.5 English Translation Ver.Leaves(3)

Note for transration

To be effective special States

If you changed name of following States, they are be uneffective.

State No. Translated Original
17 Faded Bonds 見えない枷
18 Atk Seal 攻撃封印
19 Skill Seal 特技封印
20 Guard Seal 防御封印
21 Item Seal アイテム封印
45 Unopened 不開
46 Dragon 無頼
51 No-items アイテム禁止
66 Reflect Atk 物理反射
77 Reflected Law 法術反射
79 Lost Shine 失輝印
83 Absolute
85 Invincible 無敵

And some of these are also be uneffective by changing name of following Elements.

Element No. Translated Original
1 Physical 物理系
2 Skill 法術系
3 Otherworld 異界系

To solve this problem, change these names also in some Scripts, as below.

Script command_kill
Original ANTI_ATTACK_STATE = ["見えない枷", "攻撃封印", "失輝印"]
ANTI_SKILL_STATE = ["特技封印", "見えない枷", "不開", "失輝印",""]
ANTI_GUARD_STATE = ["防御封印",""]
ANTI_ITEM_STATE = ["アイテム封印","不開","無頼","アイテム禁止", "失輝印",""]
Translation ANTI_ATTACK_STATE = ["Faded Bonds", "Atk Seal", "Lost Shine"]
ANTI_SKILL_STATE = ["Skill Seal", "Faded Bonds", "Unopened", "Lost Shine","Absolute"]
ANTI_GUARD_STATE = ["Guard Seal","Absolute"]
ANTI_ITEM_STATE = ["Item Seal","Unopened","Dragon","No-items", "Lost Shine","Absolute"]

Script muteki(or invincible)
Original state = $data_states.compact.find { |s| == "無敵" }
Translation state = $data_states.compact.find { |s| == "Invincible" }

Script reflection
Original ["物理反射", "物理系", 358], ["物理反射", "異界系", 358],
["法術反射", "法術系", 359], ["法術反射", "異界系", 359],
Translation ["Reflect Atk", "Physical", 358], ["Reflect Atk", "Otherworld", 358],
["Reflected Law", "Skill", 359], ["Reflected Law", "Otherworld", 359],

When these State's or Element's names are changed again, the names in these Scripts are must be changed to same one too.

To prevent Shidonoko's name changing or disappearing

Translate event "Change Actor's name(アクターの名前変更)" in Common Events as below. But mustn't change "Change Actor's graphic(アクターのグラフィック変更)".

Common Events Word
No. Named Original Translation
2 クイーン変身用 しどのこ Shidonoko
(two times)
3 オユタリ変身用
4 カンリシャ変身用
5 イメロキオク変身用
6 ミナワメーア変身用
7 アンヤオグナ変身用
8 スダマオウ変身用
9 ツツクラ変身用
10 覚醒処理 しどのこ Shidonoko
24 ◆コスチェン 戻す
166 ★覚醒用・クイーン
167 ★覚醒用・オユタリ
168 ★覚醒用・カンリシャ
169 ★覚醒用・イメロキオク
170 ★覚醒用・ミナワメーア
171 ★覚醒用・アンヤオグナ
172 ★覚醒用・スダマオウ
173 ★覚醒用・ツツクラ
174 E【強制クイーン変身】
175 E【強制オユタリ変身】
176 E【強制カンリシャ変身】
177 E【強制イメロ変身】
178 E【強制ミナワ変身】
179 E【強制アンヤ変身】
180 E【強制スダマ変身】
181 E【強制ツツクラ変身】
211 覚醒処理【噴水用】
234 モノリスリセット
19 ◆コスチェン ザフラ ザフのこ Zafnoko
20 ◆コスチェン アマビエ アマのこ Amanoko
21 ◆コスチェン 火の番 しど番 Shidoban
22 ◆コスチェン スクラチア しどラチア Shidorachia

To translate input in "Information Place"

Edit some Scripts as below.

Script Window_NameInput
Original "あ","い","う","え","お",

self.contents.draw_text(544, 9 * 32, 64, 32, "決定", 1)
Translation "A","B","C","D","E",

self.contents.draw_text(544, 9 * 32, 64, 32, "Enter", 1)

Script Window_NameEdit
Original c = "_"
Translation c = "_"

And edit some Common Events as below.

Common Events Word
No. Named Command type Original Translation
49 検索システム【象徴者】 Conditional Branch クイ QU
オユ OY
カン KA
イメ IM
ミナ MI
アン AN
スダ SU
ツツ TS
Change Actor's name 名前入力
(9 times)
50 検索システム【副象徴者1】 Conditional Branch ヴァ VU
キャ CA
かり HU
セル SE
くろ KU
ザフ ZA
ベイ BE
ヒド HI
Change Actor's name 名前入力
(9 times)
51 検索システム【副象徴者2】 Conditional Branch ハン HU
はな FL
ヒュ HY
アマ AM
るて RU
ひの FI
スク SU
ボー BO
Change Actor's name 名前入力
(9 times)

To translate title or other words

Edit some Scripts as below.

Script Scene_Menu
Original s4 = "ステータス"
s5 = "記録"
s6 = "滞在終了"
s4 = "Status"
s5 = "Record"
s6 = "End Staying"

Script save+
Original TPS_FILE_INDEX_FORMAT = "ファイル {i}"
self.contents.draw_text(180, 64, 80, 24, "滞在時間")
self.contents.draw_text(390, 34, 48, 24, "記録日時")
self.contents.draw_text(180, 34, 80, 24, "難易度")
self.contents.draw_text(272, 34, 80, 24, game_switches[337] ? "難しい" : "ふつう")
@navi_sprite[0].bitmap.draw_text(0, 0, 64, 68, "← ", 1)
@navi_sprite[1].bitmap.draw_text(0, 0, 64, 68, " →", 1)
self.contents.draw_text(180, 64, 80, 24, "Staying Time")
self.contents.draw_text(390, 34, 48, 24, "Recorded Date")
self.contents.draw_text(180, 34, 80, 24, "Difficulty")
self.contents.draw_text(272, 34, 80, 24, game_switches[337] ? "Hard" : "Normal")
@navi_sprite[0].bitmap.draw_text(0, 0, 64, 68, "← Prev", 1)
@navi_sprite[1].bitmap.draw_text(0, 0, 64, 68, "Next →", 1)
super("Which file do you want to continue?")

Script Scene_Battle 4
Original @help_window.set_text("立ち去る", 1)
@help_window.set_text("Leave", 1)

Script Scene_Title
Original s1 = "  はじめから"
s2 = "  つづきから"
s3 = "    終 了   "
s1 = "  New"
s2 = "  Continue"
s3 = "    End"

Script Scene_End
Original s1 = "タイトルへ"
s2 = "終了する"
s3 = "戻る"
s1 = "To Title"
s2 = "End"
s3 = "Back"

Script Window_Base
Original text = "[正常]"
text = "[Normal]"

Script Window_BattleResult
Original cx = contents.text_size("心傷値").width
self.contents.draw_text(x, 0, 64, 32, "心傷値")
cx = contents.text_size("Heart Wound").width
self.contents.draw_text(x, 0, 64, 32, "Heart Wound")

Script Window_PartyCommand
Original @commands = ["思考する", "立ち去る"]
@commands = ["Consider", "Leave"]

Script Window_PlayTime
Original self.contents.draw_text(4, 0, 120, 32, "滞在時間")
self.contents.draw_text(4, 0, 120, 32, "Staying Time")

Script Window_ShopCommand
Original @commands = ["購入する", "換片する", "やめる"]
@commands = ["Buy", "Comvert into P", "Close"]

Script Window_ShopStatus
Original self.contents.draw_text(4, 0, 200, 32, "所持数")
self.contents.draw_text(4, 0, 200, 32, "Having")

Script Window_Status
Original self.contents.draw_text(320, 160, 96, 32, "装備")
self.contents.draw_text(320, 160, 96, 32, "Equip")

Misprints or details of system information

Information of Skills

Skill Written Real
Silencing Bubble
Silences ("Silences" = "Mute")
Rapture Art Magic
Seals Skill Seal
No-Mind Flower Circle
Sp.Atk↑/Spirit↑ Sp.Atk↑/Sp.Def↑
Demon Matrix Barrier
Anti-atk/sp.atk↑ Def↑/Sp.Def↑
Foulness Break
De-seal Removes Seals + Removes (Normal)Negative-States
(This "Seal" involves not only "Skill Seal")
Dark Gold Strength
Atk↑/De-seal ↑/De-seal
(All Status(or Abilities)↑ and Remove Seals)
Heavy Blade[Fade]
Uses Atk Uses Attack+Atk
(Uses Strength+Power)
Atk↑↑ ("Atk↑↑" = "Power↑↑")
Sharpen Equipment
Def↓ Def↓/Sp.Def↓

Effect of Items

Item Written Real
Kotodama of Healing
50% HP+SP+↓ 50% Body/Spirit + ↓
(Recovers 50% Body + Recovers 50% Spirit + Removes ↓)
Kotodama of 10k Healing
100% HP+Status+↓ 100% Body/Spirit + ↓・Status
(Recovers 100% Body + Recovers 100% Spirit + Removes ↓ + Removes (Normal)Negative-States)
Powerful Jelly
↑Power ("↑Power" = "Atk↑")
Prime-Evo of Strength
Prime-Evo of Strength X
Power-Evo of Strength
Power-Evo of Strength X
Atk ("Atk" = "Attack")
(Then, there are two "Attack" in window of Status. They are different parameter, and called in different name in Japanese like here)
Prime-Evo of Body
Prime-Evo of Body X
Power-Evo of Body
Power-Evo of Body X
Max HP ("HP" = "Body")
Prime-Evo of Spirit
Prime-Evo of Spirit X
Power-Evo of Spirit
Power-Evo of Spirit X
Max SP ("SP" = "Spirit")
Chill Candle
Anti-Spirit+sp.atk↓ Sp.Def↓/Sp.Atk↓
Recovers 50% HP/SP ("HP" = "Body", "SP" = "Spirit")

Effect of Armors

Armor Written Real
Dull-colored Necklace
20%+HP ("HP" = "Body")
A Bright Red Ribbon
5%+Phys/Ment 5%+Body/Spirit
Red Clothes of Foundation
10%+Phys/Ment 10%+Body/Spirit
Aqua Clothes of Foundation
Anti-cor/palsy Anti-Cor/Palsy/Fierce Palsy
Forehead of Fire Barrier
50%+Sp. Def 50%- Special Damage
("Special" in this means same with that in Weapons description. It is one of Elements)
Aqua Shield
Anti-palsy/Str palsy ("Str palsy" = "Fierce Palsy")

Effect of States

Name Real
("Atk" = "Power")
("Anti-phy" = "Def")
("Anti-spi" = "Sp.Def")


Place Written Real
★Ending conditions★
(Text File)
 ◇Parallel Ending-------Heart Wound is 5? (???? Defeated).  ◇Parallel Ending-------Heart Wound is less than 5? (???? Defeated).
 ◆Parallel Ending-------Heart Wound is more than ??.  ◆Heart Wound Ending-------Heart Wound is more than ??.
Information picture of Minawamea Weak to:Sealing Weak to: Poison/Skill Seal
(Not only Skill Seal, but also Poison)
Information picture of Hydoro Weak to:Sealing Weak to: Skill Seal
Information Place Search on Floor 1 about Vice Symbols Search on Floor 2 about Subsymbols(or Vice-Symbols)

Other meanings

Other meanings in here are just a possibility and uncertain.

Enemy names

Translated Original Other meanings
Blue Death
あおのしょうじ(Aonoshouji) Aonoshouji
(We don't know that meaning. It seems like Japanese person's name. But according to one theory, it means "Blue Screen of Death")
Blue number
青番(Aoban?) Blue Guardian
(see "No.door")
Cyber ??Dweller [ma]
電脳住人[ma](Dennoujuunin[ma]) Cyber Dweller [ma]
(part of No.203-205)
ムスビ(Musubi) Ending
Connet reration
Establish[ a relationship]
Rice ball
Evolution Outcast
しんかのけもの(Shinkanokemono) Beast(or Animal) of Evolution
(Kemono = Beast/Animal, Nokemono = Outcast)
Frozen Seruru
(No.161,and part of No.252)
セルル・グラキエース(Seruru-Gurakiēsu) Seruru-Glacies
("Gurakiēsu" seems Latin word "Glacies", and "Maruru" in "Seruru-Maruru" seems French word "Malheur")
Fyu Turoumu
フトゥールム(Futūrumu) Japanese reading of "Futurum"("Future" in Latin)
ハイネリア(Haineria) Hyneria
(It is ancient fish)
Iyahate's Tsutsukura
イヤハテノツツクラ(Iyahatenotsutsukura) Iyahateno-Tsutsukura
Tsutsukura of Iyahate
Tsutsukura of the Final
Tsutsukura of the End
Tsutsukura of the Last
Tsutsukura [Iyahate]
Mecha Circuit
巡回メカ(Junkaimeka) Patrol Mecha
番扉(Bantobira?) Guardian Door(or Gate)
("番号"=Number, "番人"=Guardian/Guard/Watcher)
Nyako [Uni Veil]
ニャーコ・ユニヴェール(Nyāko-Yunivēru) Nyako-Univers
("Yunivēru" seems Japanese reading of "univers", it is "universe" in French)
Open Non-dweller
不開住人(Akazujuunin / Fukaijuunin) Unopened(or Unopen, Unopeness) Dweller
(Dweller of "Unopened World")
上司と部下(Joushitobuka) Superior and Subordinate
Puppet [Master]
パペット・マスター(Papetto-Mastā) Puppet Master
Master of Puppets
Pure Sen-Te
プラエセンス(Puraesensu) Japanese reading of "Praesens"("Present" in Latin)
Pure Teritumu
プラエテリトゥム(Puraeteritum) Japanese reading of "Praeteritum"("Past" in Latin)
Red number
赤番(Akaban?) Red Guardian
(see "No.door")
リゾドゥス(Rizodusu) Rhizodus
(It is ancient fish)
Stereo [Tourisu]
テレオ・トゥリス(Tereo-Turisu) Teleo-Tourisu
Tourisu [Teleo]
("Tereo" seems to mean "Teleo"["Perfect" or "End" in Latin or Greek]).
("Stereo [Tourisu]" will written "ステレオ[トウリス]")
Strange Mermaid
(No.272, the blue one)
奇怪人魚 Strange Merman
(By name of switches and variables, red one is "♀", but unbelievably, blue one is "♂". "人魚" means both "Mermaid" and "Merman")
街住人(Machijuunin) Town(or City) Dweller
("街住人" is unusual word)
(No.9,142, and part of No.250)
ヴァダパート(Vadapāto) Japanese reading of "водопад"("Waterfall" in Russian)
("Vu-adapter" will written "ヴ・アダプター")

Skill names

Translated Original Other meanings
手当て Treatment
Big Kamikaze
大特攻(Daitokkou) Big Suicide(⇔Suicide(No.55))
Blue Rocket
ブルロケット(Brururoketto) Bull Rocket
("Blue Rocket" will written "ブルーロケット")
ボイドヒール(Boidohīru) Void Heal?
Chaos Lance
乱槍 ・嚇怒(Ransou-Kakudo) Chaos Lance named "Kakudo"
("Kakudo" means maybe "Volent anger")
Comfy belly
(No.219, the one occur at Magin attacks to Fellow)
快喰 Comfy Eating
Comfy Biting
Dark Gold Strength
金剛冥加(Kongoumyuga) ("金剛(Kongou)" + "冥加(Myouga)". I don't know they are meaning in this)
Daring Force
ディアフォース(Diafōsu) Dear Force?
ディアライト(Diaraito) Dear Light?
(Daylight will written "デイライト")
Deadly Size
デッドリーサイズ(Deddorīsaizu) Deadly Scythe
Freezing sBullet
フリージングバレット Freezing Bullet
ハングド Hanged
(Derived from Tarot "The Hanged Man"?)
Heavy Blade[Fade]
重刃・剥(Juujin-Haku) Heavy Blade named "Haku"
("Haku" means Fade or Peeling)
Implied Kotodama
言霊暗示 (Same to "Kotodama Hint(No.94)")
Kotodama Hint
言霊暗示 (Same to "Implied Kotodama(No.146)")
ククル・ルク(Kukuru-Ruku) Kukuru-Ruku
("Kukuru" means "Mind" or "Spirit" in Okinawan language, "Ruku" means "Poison" in Okinawan language)
Love Ripple
トラヴリップル(Toravurippuru) Trav-Ripple?
(Shortening of "Traveling Ripple" or "Traverse Ripple"?)
Majimun's berry
マジムン・カジ(Majimun-Kaji) Majimun-Kaji
("Majimun" means kind of demon(or evil spirit), that is in Okinawa or Kagoshima. And "Kaji" means "Wind" in Okinawan language)
Neat Seal
ニイエットシール(Niiettoshīru) Niyet Seal
("Niyet" is maybe Turkish word)
Parara's Syllables
パララスパーク (Shortning of "Paralyze Spark"?)
Person ⇔ sGhost
身⇔精 Body⇔Spirit
(It seems shortning of "身体⇔精神")
Repture Art Magic
(No.73, the one occur at reflect the Repture Art Magic)
破術反射 Reflect Repture Art
Repture Art Reflection
Reward Ball
報いの型・毬(Mukuinokata-Igaguri / Mukuinokata-Mari) Form of Reward(Retaliation?) named "Igaguri(or Mari)"
Reward Form named "Igaguri"
("Igaguri" means no peeling chestnut, needle arounded ball. "Mari" means simply "Ball")
Reward Kodama
報いの型・谺(Mukuinokata-Kodama) Form of Reward(Retaliation?) named "Kodama"
Reward Form named "Kodama"
("Kodama" is a kind of "Echo". It's also called "Yamabiko")
Rising Yell
気合昇華 Yell(or Fight?) Sublimation
River's Service
マスターリバーサー(Mastāribāsā) Master Rebirther?
Master Reverser?
Shoot Arrows☆3
お注射☆彡(Ochūsha) Injection☆彡
("☆彡" means the shape, that star is flying)
Spit Water
スプリットウォータ(Spurittowōta) Split Water
Stone Heart's Wound
心傷石(Shinshōseki) Heart Wound Stone
Stone of Heart Wound
特攻(Tokkou) Kamikaze(⇔Big Kamikaze(No.174))
The Hero's Pretty Nice Ball!
天下英雄熱血可憐天晴球(Tenkaeiyuunekketsukarenapparekyuu) (It is Separated "Tenka(天下) Eiyuu(英雄) Nekketsu(熱血) Karen(可憐) Appare(天晴) Kyuu", then if pick the first letter of these words, "TENKA" is appear)
Thunderous Law
万雷法(Banraihou) 10k Thunder Magic?
Heavy Thunder Magic?
Transform Spray
トランススプレイ(Toransusupurei) Trance Spray?
Universe's Shine
蘇生光・森羅万象(Soseikou-Shinrabanshou) Revival Shine named "Shinrabanshou"
("Shinrabanshou" means "The universe" or "All things and phenomenons" or "Whole world")
Yell Order
気合ため Charge with Yell(or Fight?)
Yell Charge
Yell Order-eq.1
気合ため・壱式(Kiaitame-Ichishiki) Charge with Yell(or Fight?) - Type(or Ver).1
Yell Charge-Type.1
Yell Order-eq.2
気合ため・弐式(Kiaitame-Nishiki) Charge with Yell(or Fight?) - Type(or Ver).2
Yell Charge-Type.2

Item names

Translated Original Other meanings
Burning Stone
焼け落ちた石 Burn Downed Stone
Burned Stone
Gosho's stone
劫初の石(Goushonoishi) Stone of Gosho
Stone of World Beginning
ゼリー状のなにか Jelly-like Thing
Kotodama of 10k Healing
万癒のコトダマ (In this case, nearly meaning of "万"(translated "10k") is maybe "All" or "Full" or "Complete"?)
Kotodama of 10k Rebirth
Kotodama Threat
脅威のコトダマ(Kyouinokotodama) Kotodama of Threat
Kotodama of Menace
Kotodama of Great Power
Kotodama of Threat Power
Nushi's egg
ヌシのたま(Nushinotama) Nushi's Orb
Nushi's Ball
(It seems written "主の玉" in Kanji. "Nushi's egg" will written "ヌシのたまご(Nushinotamago)")
I was Pure
純粋なわた Pure Cotton
("わた" = "cotton" or "spun sugar like thing", "わたし" = "I")
ニャーコサイン Nyako Autograph
(Nyako's Autograph)
Timber of Voice
砕けた木材 Broken Timber
Wind Pendant Mural
壁画風ペナント Mural like Pennant
Mural-fashion Pennant
Mural-style Pennant
(In this case, "風" means "-like" or "-style")

Weapon names

Translated Original Other meanings
ダークネブラ(Dākunebura) Dark Nebula
Dark Nebulae
("Nebulae" is Latin word)
Demon Blade
妖刀・天地無用(Youtou-Tenchimuyou) Demon(or Mysterious) Blade(or Sword) named "Tenchimuyou"
("Tenchimuyou" means "Don't turn(or invert) heaven(or top) and earth(or bottom)")
Disaster Scythe
惨刑鎌・乱離骨灰(Zankeigama-Rarikoppai) Disaster Scythe named "Rarikoppai"
("Rarikoppai" is unusually word. It means maybe "Be scrattered and dispersed as bones and ashes")
Knife オニナタ(Oninata)
Oni's Knife
Ogure Knife
(It seems written "鬼鉈" in Kanji)
Kotodama Hammer
コトダマワラワ(Kotodamawarawa) Kotodama Child
Kotodama Warawa
(It seems written "言霊 童" in Kanji. "Kotodama Hammer" will written "コトダマコヅチ" or "コトダマハンマー")

Armor names

Translated Original Other meanings
Burial Seal [Crystal Ring]
封葬晶石環 Crystal Ring of Seal Burial(or Kill)
Cross Coat [Caught by your own trap]
磔刑外套・自縄自縛(Takkeigaitou-Jijoujibaku) Crucifixion Coat named "Jijoujibaku(Caught by your own trap)"
コトダマカンムリ(Kotodamakanmuri) Kotodama Kanmuri
Kotodama Crown
(It seems written "言霊 冠" in Kanji)
コトダマカタビラ(Kotodamakatabira) Kotodama Katabira
(It seems written "言霊 帷子" in Kanji)
Matsuwaru's Earmuffs
纏わる耳あて Coiling Earmuffs
Rambling Earmuffs
Topaz veil disk
スクトパスヴェール(Sukutopasuvēru) Sukutopasu Veil
("Sukutopasu" maybe means shortning of "Squid + Octopus". Then, for example, it can write "Sqtopus")
Upper Jewel
宝玉甲 Jewel Shell
Jewel Armor

State names

Translated Original Other meanings
Yell Cease
気合昇華(Kiaishouka) Yell(or Fight?) Sublimation
Yell Formula
気合壱式(Kiaiichishiki) Yell(or Fight?) Type(or Ver).1
Yell Formula
気合弐式(Kiainishiki) Yell(or Fight?) Type(or Ver).2
Sudden Raid
侵錯乱 Invasive Confusion

Status names

Translated Original Other meanings
Attack 腕力 Strength
(Straight meaning of "腕力" is maybe "power of arm". Usually, "Atk" or "Attack" are written "攻撃力" or "攻撃")
Atk 威力 Power
(Straight meaning of "威力" is maybe "great power")
Sp.Atk 精神力 Sp.Strength
Body 身体 (In other production by Toripote, it is written "Vital" or "VP")
Spirit 精神 (In other production by Toripote, it is written "Mental" or "MP")

Actor names

Translated Original Other meanings
Kusushi's Spirit ミタマノクスシ(Mitamanokusushi) Mitamano-Kusushi
Kusushi of Mitama
Kusushi of the Spirit
Spiritual Kusushi
Mononofu's Spirit ミタマノモノノフ(Mitamanomononofu) (Same way as above)
Yakushi's Spirit ミタマノヤクシ(Mitamanoyakushi)
Shogun's Spirit ミタマノショーグン(Mitamanoshougun)
Shidoban しど番(Shidoban) ("Fire Watcher" is called "火の番(Hinoban)" in Japanese, and "Shidoban" seems shortning of "Shidonoko" + "Hinoban")

Other words or texts

Translated Original Other meanings
(The one, it oppose with "Flee")
思考する Consider
("Attack" will written "攻撃する")
Play Time 滞在時間 Staying Time
("Play Time" will written "プレイ時間")
End Game 滞在終了 End Staying
("End Game" will written "ゲーム終了")
(At shop)
換片する Convert into P(Pieces)
("Sell" will written "売る" or "売却する")
Forest World
(In Quest Book)
樹海世界 ("樹海" = "Forest" = "Jungle")
Symbol of the Jungle.
(in description of "Oyutari(Item No.4))
Cyber ??World
(In Quest Book)
電脳世界 Cyber World
Unopened Door
(In Quest Book)
不開世界 Unopened(or Unopen, Unopeness) World
Unopened Symbol.
(In description of "Tsutsukura(Item No.10)")
不開の象徴。 Symbol of the Unopened(or Unopen, Unopeness).
My (temporary) house マイルーム(仮) My Room("My Room" is temporary name)
("MR" in "MR enhancement ver." seems shortning of "My Room", then it is "MH-powered ver." in English?)
Symbol 象徴者(Shouchousha) Symboler?
("Symbol" = "象徴(Shouchou)")
Vice Symbol
副象徴者 Subsymboler?
(Element name)
法術 Magical?
("Special" will written "特殊", and "Magical" will written "魔法")
Kokoha's Sweet Death Gamble
(In Shura's Twoer 3F)
ココハ ギャンブリングスウィート デス HERE IS "Gambling-Sweet"
(It is written "ここは、ギャンブリングスウィートです" in usual. But in this case, all charactors are written in Katakana, to express the computer's speaking)
Welcom to Information Place F
(In My House)
ヨウコソ 情報サービス ヘ WELCOM TO "Information Place"
(It is written "ようこそ、情報サービスへ" in usual. The needless "F" is maybe appeared, because of music-scale "ABCDEFG" is often written "イロハニホヘト" in Japanese)
Smells weird but not bad.
(Description of "Moist Meat(Item No.129)")
臭いこそしないがジメッとして嫌な感じ・・・。 It has no smell, but damp and weird(or unpleasant feeling?)...
Has some weird leaves.
(In description of "Kotodama Hammer(Weapon No.21)")
不思議な小人が涌き出る小槌。 Small hammer(or mallet) that mysterious dwarfs(or midgets?) gush out.

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